Depending on how you use the poppers, they can be consumed in several ways. This will depend on the effects you are looking for and the conditions under which you are using them. If you are in a festival in the middle of a crowd or in an evening with friends or under the duvet with your partner, certain consumption methods are to be preferred. 

At the beginning of its commercialization, at the end of the 19th century, poppers were in the form of glass ampoules. The amount of poppers contained in these ampoules was small enough for the user to break the ampoule and breathe in the popper vapours that were released. Nowadays, the format has changed. The poppers are sold in glass vials with a plastic cap, containing 9ml to 30ml of poppers, all at various prices. It is no longer a question of breaking the bottle but of opening the cork in order to enjoy the effects of the poppers. 

The effects of poppers depend on the nitrite that makes up the liquid formula. In France, three out of four nitrites are available for sale and consumption: amyl nitrite, propyl nitrite and pentyl nitrite. Butyl nitrite, the fourth, is strictly prohibited for sale and consumption in the European Union, and therefore in France. There are also popper mixes for even more powerful effects. Find all these magical products on our online shops at the best prices on the net.

Inhale the poppers through the nose 

For a quick and almost instantaneous effect, the most traditional method of consumption to date is still to inhale the poppers through the nose. Bring the vial close to your nostril without it touching your skin to avoid any risk of burns. Then inhale a puff of steam by plugging the opposite nostril. Repeat this action a maximum of four times, or two breaths per nostril. Wait a few minutes before repeating the operation. 

It is a very popular, if not the most popular, method of consumption. Consuming poppers by inhalation is the guarantee of quickly feeling the effects. A sensation of heat rises, then a state of sexual stimulation or euphoria follows. In the evening in clubs, at a festival or during a quiet evening with friends, poppers are consumed everywhere by inhalation. But here’s the thing, a little advice, don’t apply this method of consumption when you’re in a crowd. The risk is that someone will push you around and poppers will fall on your skin. Poppers are an irritating liquid product that burns the skin. 

Spread the aroma of the poppers in a room 

The poppers is a vasodilator, i.e. it is a volatile product. In other words, it evaporates quickly. You can therefore leave the bottle open so that its aroma fills the atmosphere of the room. The aphrodisiac power of the poppers affects your senses. This technique is ideal for a quiet evening or for sexual use during an endless naughty evening. 

If you can get advice, prefer a popper based on pentyl or amyl nitrite. Their aroma is stronger and therefore lasts longer. Ideally, the bottle of your poppers is equipped with a wide cap, like the Everest Brutal, which allows the poppers to escape in larger quantities and feel the effects more quickly and efficiently.

Finally, you can use a popper inhaler. Still not very well known within the poppers society, it is nevertheless an essential accessory for any good addict of the glass bottle. Perfectly adapted to any type of use: if you plan to move all night long, for an escape to the seventh heaven with your spouse or a quiet evening with friends. Thanks to the inhaler, you no longer have to walk around with the popper bottle in your hands. You can put the closed bottle somewhere or even leave it at home! The inhaler loaded with poppers can be placed around the neck. No more risks of burns, people pushing you in the crowd and spilling poppers on you… The inhaler is poppers in an atmosphere 100% pleasure at a mini price.

How to use

Soak a cotton pad with poppers.  

Place the cotton wool in the lower part of the inhaler. It is a transparent plastic tube that can be reclosed. 

Close the inhaler.  

Inhale through the lower holes on the golden part of the plastic tube.  

Pleasure activated! 

Law & Health

Poppers are legal in France. Authorized for sale and consumption since 2013, poppers have been banned several times in France. It is finally in 2013 that the Council of State cancels the previous decrees and makes it totally legal, with the exception of poppers based on butyl nitrite. 

The Conseil d’Etat decides to make it legal, given the low toxicity rate compared to the average consumption per individual. In addition, poppers do not carry any risk of physical, psychological or physiological dependence. However, it should not be combined with other stimulants such as Viagra or Cialis, as this can pose great risks to your health.