Consumed during a festive evening or as a dessert after a romantic dinner, poppers are known for their intimate and recreational use. 

A medicine in the 19th century, poppers were now used as a leisure product. From now on, it serves as a stimulant. Made from alkyl nitrite, the latter was then synthesized into several nitrites. There are a total of four nitrites today; amyl nitrite, the oldest, also called isoamyl, propyl nitrite, the star of the 1980s, or isopropyl. Then, the pentyl nitrite, nicknamed the « strong poppers » or isopentyl. And finally, butyl or isobutyl nitrite, the only nitrite still banned in France and the European Union. There are poppers called hybrids which are made up of a mix of nitrites. Like Everest Zero, Jungle Juice Zero or Jungle Juice Black Label poppers. 

The effects of poppers vary depending on the nitrite composition. The purer the poppers are, the more powerful their effects are. Imagine a beer: the more hops it contains, i.e. the cereal that gives it its bitterness and taste, the more intense the beer will be in the mouth. (Attention, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health) Ditto for poppers. The purer the poppers, the more the percentage of its composition is dominated by its amyl nitrite content, for example, the more powerful the effects of the poppers will be.

What an euphoria! 

The effects of the poppers are ephemeral, they vary between 2 to 5 minutes maximum, if the poppers is very very very very powerful. The consumption of poppers has the effect of stimulating us to the point of putting us in a state of euphoria. For a few seconds, you will have the feeling that a boiler is going to go to your head. It is a small stimulating hot flash (not systematic), often followed by a contagious laugh. Because very often your entourage starts laughing with you and it is a whirlwind of laughter that resounds in the room.  

Since the 1990s, the consumption of poppers for festive use has increased considerably. Already an essential part of the electronic evenings of the time in France and elsewhere, today we can smell the perfume of poppers and the laughter that accompanies them in all types of music festivals and other dance evenings. Just happiness, what. Because after all, laughing makes it possible to live longer…right? 

An indisputable aphrodisiac power ! 

In the 1980s, poppers were all the rage. It was available for sale in sex shops, nightclubs and other festive places. It is even said that some clubs distributed poppers via air conditioning. The dance floor then moved to the rhythm of the music, intoxicated by a dew of poppers. Ever more curious about their bodies and intrepid experiences in bed, gays were the first to rush to poppers for sex. They were the first to enjoy the aphrodisiac effects of poppers. This is why poppers are widely consumed in the gay community. 

The poppers is a vasodilator, or it dilates the blood vessels. It relaxes muscles, increases desire and prolongs sensations such as orgasm. Thus, we have the feeling that time slows down. If you are modest, its aphrodisiac power is so powerful that you will be freed from all your inhibitions to give way to carnal pleasure. Poppers are therefore an ideal stimulant to spice up sexual relations.  

For whom is the poppers ?
From now on, everyone likes poppers. Poppers are simply a pleasure product for everyone. There are poppers for women and men. We can see that it is consumed by women, as well as men, heterosexuals and gays. Its consumption increases among young people aged 18 to 25. Poppers are not a question of sexual orientation or gender. Poppers is a new individual, collective but also intimate or festive experience. The choice is yours! 

What are the risks? 

Let’s just say that the main risk is that you may like it so much and so much that you will never be able to do without it.  

But don’t panic, the poppers are not registered in the drug registry, so you don’t risk being physically or psychically dependent on the poppers. Health risks are limited. These risks depend mainly on your consumption. If you adopt good use practices and do not consume excessively, poppers do not have an impact on health. If on the contrary you are not careful at the time of use, you can push, the poppers spill on your and crack! A crust on the nose the next morning. Or if you take too many poppers in a very short period of time it can have side effects, temporary but annoying. It is not recommended to inhale poppers more than four times, i.e. two inhalations per nostril. It is recommended to wait a few minutes after having had the effects before consuming it again. Anyway, in my opinion, you will be good students of the glass bottle. 

Keep the poppers 

The enemies of the magic bottle are heat and humidity. It is important to keep the poppers in a dry and cool place such as the fridge. This solution preserves the purity of the poppers’ aroma and its effects. Because this very volatile product evaporates over time and loses its power. 

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