« Poppers are a drug, » that’s often what you hear or read in the articles. But you have a doubt. You’re asking if the poppers are really a drug? Then you’ve come to the right place! Poppers Shop tells you everything you need to know about poppers. 

Drugs are by definition substances that are physically and/or psychologically addictive. Drugs change the way we perceive our environment and impact our behaviour. In other words, a drug permanently impairs the proper functioning of our cognitive functions. Let us now recall the definition of poppers. 

Did you know that? 

The poppers is a product that dates back more than a century, 175 years to be exact. In the past, poppers were sold in pharmacies. And yes, these products were drugs. Made from the nitrites of the alkyl family, the latter has been synthesized by various chemists. There are now four nitrites: amyl nitrite, the most potent, propyl nitrite, the most famous, pentyl nitrite and butyl nitrite. The last nitrite is banned for sale and consumption in France and Europe. The first use of poppers was therefore medicinal. Then it was replaced by other drugs. But it continues to make people happy all over the world. 

Poppers and their effects 

Available in a bottle containing from 9ml to 30ml, the poppers is a vasodilator. It dilates blood vessels to allow blood and oxygen to flow more efficiently through our bodies. Thus, poppers increase heart rate and decrease blood pressure. This is where its aphrodisiac and euphoric power comes from. This gives us a feeling of relaxation and excitement. Written in this way, it seems that the poppers have an eternal power. We will quickly disappoint you: the effects are ephemeral. They last 2 minutes or even 5 minutes if the poppers you have are the strongest in the world.

There are two very popular methods of consumption. The first is to leave the bottle open in a small closed room and the aroma of the poppers will scent every nook and cranny. This method is ideal for an intimate night’s sleep with your partner. Indeed, poppers provide exciting hot flashes. Poppers delay time and prolong the sensation of pleasure and orgasms. It is a disinhibiting and relaxing product. 

Its second power is euphoric. After inhaling poppers through the nose, hot flashes are felt as well as a slight relaxation of our muscles. This is followed by a kind of stimulating pressure that makes us laugh to our hearts’ content. 

Side effects of poppers

When we talk about the effects of poppers we cannot forget to talk about its side effects. The risk of side effects only occurs in the case of excessive and unreasonable consumption, i.e. in the case of abuse. If you stick the popper bottle too close to your nose you may get scabs. Poppers should not be inhaled more than 4 times in a row, i.e. two inhalations per nostril to be followed as much as possible. Then, a little advice, wait a few minutes before resuming inhalation. If you consume poppers too regularly over a short period of time without taking this precaution, such as on a busy evening, you may have blue lips or a blue nose. These are the biggest risks you face when consuming poppers.  

Of course, the side effects of poppers are not irreversible. If you have scabs or burns, use aloe vera-based moisturizer, this plant is the best moisturizer in the world. As for the blue lips, be patient, it will disappear within one to two weeks. If you find that the tasks take time to leave, consult your doctor. 

Health & Law 

Poppers are not dangerous to health if consumption remains reasonable. This yellowish liquid has nevertheless been banned from sale and consumption on several occasions in France between 1990 and 2011. All poppers are finally authorized in 2013 except butyl nitrite poppers. It is the French Conseil d’Etat that cancels the decrees banning poppers in France. Indeed, the absence of evidence demonstrating the risks to the health of the consumer, or, on the contrary, the presence of facts demonstrating the nullity of the health risks, the French Conseil d’Etat ruled that the poppers were not a drug. The poppers, in fact, do not carry any risk of psychological or physical dependence. The poppers therefore do not appear in the drug register in France. Therefore, all types of poppers are allowed in France except butyl nitrite poppers, which are subject to a European ban. Since 2015, you can even buy poppers in a tobacco shop.  


The common thought is that poppers are a drug. But this is due to a lack of knowledge of the product and to stereotypes – almost discriminatory – linked to gays and their sexual practices known to be more liberated. 

Its bad reputation is also due to a non-exemplative, sometimes abusive consumption, which leaves marks behind it (scabs and burns), marks that frighten. But it is a product