The poppers have had a reputation for being an excellent aphrodisiac for years. However, many still do not know what gives it its stimulating power. Consisting of one or more nitrites (scientific name of the poppers), depending on what makes up its formula, its effects will be different from one popper to another. We give all the information to choose the right poppers for your needs. 

At the beginning of its creation, in 1844, the poppers were used as medicines to treat chest diseases and later to treat people with heart disease. Nowadays, it is a stimulant with ephemeral effects. After inhalation through the nose, the poppers make us euphoric or arouse our sexual desire for a few minutes.  Often associated with homosexuals, poppers are a popular product among young people. You can buy poppers in a bottle containing 9ml to 30 ml of this magic liquid on our online shop 

Propyle nitrite poppers 

The most famous of the propyl nitrite-based poppers is the famous Jungle Juice Platinum! 

The aroma of propyl nitrite poppers was devastating during the 1980s. Its light aroma and strong effects work quickly. Adapted to any situation, propyl nitrite poppers will satisfy you during a naughty evening or a festive evening with friends. For a laugh or an intimate moment, propyl nitrite poppers are perfect for beginners. 

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Pentyl’s nitrite poppers 

Nicknamed the « strong poppers », pentyl nitrite poppers are one of the best-selling in the world. Thanks to its strength of character, powerful aroma and aphrodisiac effects, pentyl nitrite poppers have everything to please. 

Its formula evaporates less quickly, so it is a popper that keeps longer. 

In its bottle we often find a Pellet or even a MegaPellet. It is a large aluminum bead that captures the moisture contained in the bottle, in order to keep the purity of its aroma. However, close the bottle tightly after use. When the vial is opened, the water (in a gaseous state) contained in the air is inserted into the popper vial. If the latter contains too much mass, its effects diminish. 

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Amyle’s nitrite poppers 

Amyl nitrite is the patron saint of nitrites. Amyl-based poppers are the strongest in the world. Their formula is therefore ideal for intense sexual intercourse. Its effects last longer than any other nitrite. Thus, the sensations are prolonged, powerful exciting hot flashes rise to our heads, the erection is prominent, muscle relaxation occurs almost immediately. Amyl nitrite poppers are for insiders only. 

It is an excellent aphrodisiac to satisfy all fantasies, from the most sensual to the most hardships. 

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Butyl nitrite poppers 

This is the poppers’ pariah. Banned for sale and consumption by the European Union, butyl nitrite is only allowed in the United States over the counter. Butyl nitrite was created in the 20th century by a medical student at the University of California to circumvent the prohibition of American law against consuming any type of poppers. 

Butyl nitrite poppers are very powerful, they do not comply with European standards, which is why they are currently banned in France and in the European Union.

No butyl nitrite poppers on sale on our online shop in accordance with European law in force. 

Hybrid Poppers 

Because innovation is not stopped, there are now hybrid poppers. These are poppers whose formula is a mixture of two nitrites. The most common popper mixes are: propyl and amyl nitrite poppers and propyl and pentyl nitrite poppers. 

These poppers allow you to enjoy the fused effects of your favorite nitrites. The pleasure and effects are increased tenfold. 

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The effects are variable 

Whether it is men, women, homosexuals or heterosexuals, poppers are an aphrodisiac and euphoric product with different assets. However, the effects remain variable according to individuals. Some will prefer the pentyl poppers for fun and the propyl poppers to satisfy their carnal desire. But this varies according to your consumption, whether it is regular or occasional, more for festive use or for intimate use. And yes, you are not taught anything, tastes and colours vary according to everyone. Enjoy! 

Law & Health 

Poppers have been authorized for sale and consumption in France since 2013. The French Conseil d’Etat cancels the 2011 decree, put in place by the Fillon government. For good reason, the low toxicity rate generated by the average consumption of poppers per individual. Indeed, poppers do not cause a state of physical or psychological dependence. From now on, there is no longer any prohibition. All poppers are authorized for consumption and sale on French soil except butyl nitrite poppers. 

The use of poppers is therefore a product that poses health risks only if your consumption is excessive and uncontrolled.